SG2380 will shine brilliantly on Second International workshop on RISC-V for HPC

Co-located with SC 2023, this is a half day afternoon workshop is on Monday 13th November 2023 between 2pm and 5:3pm in room 507 of the Denver Convention Centre, USA

Go check it here: Second International workshop on RISC-V for HPC | ExCALIBUR H&ES RISC-V testbed

Dr. Liuxi Yang will give a vendor lightning talk on SC23 workshop on RISC-V for HPC, on the topic of “SG2042 Empowering RISC-V in High-Performance Computing
and announce that our next 2 different chips: SG2044 and SG2380(OASIS) IN 2024 (2380 First IN Q2 OF 2024, 2044 Next IN Q4 OF 2024)

Thanks to Dr. Nick Brown, :grinning: Research paper: Is RISC-V Ready for HPC Prime-Time: Evaluating the 64-Core Sophon SG2042 RISC-V CPU (abstract)
Very Outstanding Contribution!

Also, Liuxi will introduce our SG2380(OASIS) and SG2044 on the conference.