SG2042 Newsletter (2024-05-03 #040)

Editor’s Note

Welcome to the fortieth issue of the SG2042 Newsletter. We are excited to bring you the great news that ThreadX RTOS has been ported to the riscv64 architecture and is now available on Milk-V Duo!


  • ThreadX RTOS has been ported to the RISC-V64 architecture and now is running on Milk-V Duo! ThreadX runs on the small core C906L (no MMU) and Linux runs on the big core C906B.

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  • On April 25-29, 2024, the 2024 Zhongguancun (ZGC) Forum Annual Conference, themed “Innovating for a Better World”, was held at the Zhongguancun International Innovation Centre in Beijing. During this forum, SOPHGO showcased its latest products, including the industry’s first server-grade processor SG2042, the highly integrated edge TPU processor BM1688, the highly integrated deep-learning vision processor CV186AH, and a full range of cloud-edge-end products and ecological joint products.

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  • NuttX RTOS is now available on Duo S!

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Most of the code is already open-source and can be obtained from repositories such as Sophgo Technologies · GitHub. The following are some useful repo resources:

Linux kernel


  • No commits this week


  • No commits this week

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