SG2042 Newsletter (2023-12-08 #020)

Editor’s Note

Welcome to the twentieth issue of the SG2042 Newsletter. Special thanks in this issue to developer @Baozhu Zuo for his great support to the open-source community and extensive research on Milk-V Duo. Support from contributors is crucial in the open-source community, as they drive technological progress and innovation by sharing their code, knowledge, and experiences. Additionally, we will bring you the great news that after a comprehensive optimization and upgrade, Duo is now available in a 256MB RAM version.


  • Thanks to developer @Baozhu Zuo for the contribution, OpenWRT now runs on Milk-V Duo!

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  • Linus Tech Tips, a popular technology and hardware YouTube channel with millions of followers, recently conducted a comprehensive review of the Pioneer Box hardware, performance and the development of the RISC-V ecosystem.

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  • Duo has undergone a complete upgrade and now features 256MB of RAM, which is a significant increase in memory capacity compared to previous version. With faster response time, it can run multiple large-scale applications with ease. For details, please refer to the link below.

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Most of the code is already open-source and can be obtained from repositories such as Sophgo Technologies · GitHub. The following are some useful repo resources:

Linux kernel


  • No commits this week


  • No commits this week

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