SG2042 Newsletter (2023-09-29 #010)

Editor’s Note

Welcome to the tenth issue of the SG2042 Newsletter. Time flies, and we have journeyed together through nine wonderful editions of our newsletter. Thank you for your continued interest and trust. Your support and feedback are the driving force behind our continuous improvement, and we will strive to provide more quality and valuable content.


  • The RISC-V architecture is gradually emerging as a leading trend in future computing, and it is receiving increasing attention from universities, research teams, and open-source communities worldwide. There is an active exploration of the performance and potential applications of SOPHON SG2042!

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Most of the code is already open-source and can be obtained from repositories such as Sophgo Technologies · GitHub. The following are some useful repo resources:

Linux kernel


  • No commits this week


  • Sync with upstream devicetree bindings

Case Study

We’re looking for fun, good, or profitable use cases for SG2042. Feel free to share your experiences with us - just send a PR!

Events and Games

In the News

News from Japanese, Korean and other language communities

Not ready yet. We are recruiting multilingual volunteers and interns. Welcome to join us! Please email Wei Wu if you are interested in being an open source community intern.

DuoSDK Recent Progress @ Pandora from ISCAS

  1. Upgraded opensbi to v1.3
  2. Upgraded Linux kernel to 6.5

Work in Progress (WIP):

  1. Small-core RTOS Support
    • Ported rt-thread RTOS based on version 4.1.0 c906, successfully compiled, but encounters runtime issues.
    • Ported Zephyr RTOS, added relevant configurations and device trees, successfully generated images, but encounters runtime issues.
  2. In progress: vscode IDE plugin development
  3. Loading RTOS on bare metal and Linux remoteproc implementation
  4. Upgrading Buildroot to version 2023.08, rootfs works properly


  1. Implement Linux mailbox driver, currently lacking specifications; currently reviewing light mbox and AliOS mbox implementations.
  2. Organize Linux kernel source code.
  3. Port device drivers for all supported RTOS platforms."