SG2042 Newsletter (2023-09-22 #009)

Editor’s Note

Welcome to the ninth issue of the SG2042 Newsletter. Special thanks in this issue to Professor Hongjun Dai and the students from the Intelligent Innovation Research Institute of Shandong University, for their strong support to the open-source community and their research related to SG2042! At the same time, we sincerely appreciate the contributions of those who have silently dedicated their efforts. It is because of your selfless dedication and perseverance that we can consistently provide valuable content to everyone and enable the sustainable and stable development of our open-source community. In this issue, we have an exciting news to share with you, that the Milk-V Pioneer Board was showcased at the Open Source Summit European 2023!


  • Professor Hongjun Dai and his students from the Intelligent Innovation Research Institute at Shandong University have made valuable contributions by deploying and testing open-source databases on SG2042 servers. Their efforts provided us with valuable data and feedback, which is significant for improving and optimizing SG2042.

    Related news

  • On September 19, 2023, the Open Source Summit Europe was held grandly in Bilbao, Spain. The Milk-V Pioneer Board was showcased at the summit and received significant attention from developers abroad. At the same time, overseas open source enthusiasts showed great interest in the hardware based on the RISC-V architecture and were surprised by its rapid development.


Most of the code is already open-source and can be obtained from repositories such as Sophgo Technologies · GitHub. The following are some useful repo resources:

Linux kernel


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  • No commits this week

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