Milk-V Duo | Camera + TPU + RTSP?

Hi! I’ve seen the TPU YOLOv5 example and the camera RTSP stream example. I’m wondering, is it possible to combine the two and simultaneously stream RTSP video from the CSI-2 camera while performing image classification? How to approach that? Thanks :slight_smile:

yes, it is possible to do that. Actually, many business customers have already done that. We will make a demo later.

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We will release a demo in 2 weeks.

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Thanks a lot! Can’t wait for the demo :smiley:

Hello :slight_smile: Has the demo been released yet?

Hi, any news with that? :smiley:

will be finished next week

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Hi there @Sandor :smiley: Is there any chance of the demo being released this week? :slight_smile:

@Sandor Any news? I’m really looking forward to this example

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The demo will come next week.Sorry for later~
I will reply when I put the demo in the github.

Thank you! I hope it arrives soon :slight_smile:

You can refer: