Together with SiFive and IMG, Our next-gen RISC-V SoC!


As the only RISC-V chip with integrated AI capabilities, SG2380 is naturally staying competitive. Through the SiFive 8-core X280 and Sophgo’s TPU DSA design, achieving over 20 TOPS@INT8 computational power, SG2380 effectively bring intelligence to modern PC, tablets, NAS devices, servers, and more. Together With SiFive 16-core P670, SG2380 open up limitless opportunities for tremendous applications in various domains such as autonomous driving, cloud computing, edge computing, and wearable devices.

With its large memory capacity (supporting up to 64GB) and over 20 TOPS@INT8 computational power, SG2380 can successfully deploy larger-scale LLMs like LLaMA-65B without the need for external mutiple Nvidia or AMD accelerator cards.

First To Go

  • The first SoC Based on the high-performance SiFive P670 and X280
  • The first affordable product perfect combination of RISC-V and AI, from DSA hardware architecture to toolchain and software ecosystem
  • The first RISC-V SoC Aligned With Andorid Compatibility and OpenHarmony
  • The best choice preferred high-performance platform for RISC-V developers and the essential platform for RISC-V+AI developers