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Got it, I was confused due to the conflicting information in the first post, but everything is clear now. Could you clarify what it means for it to be “configurable with PCIe”? Does this mean the option to purchase an additional PCIe NIC card, or will it be somehow selected for SoC at the time of purchase?

the option to purchase an additional PCIe NIC card

Probabally a silly question, but if I have no (current) interest in AI, will it possible to repurpose the below hardware to offload and accelerate FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) calculations to generate waterfall plots for SDR (Software Defined Radio). At a basic level the maths is just multication and addition of numbers :grinning:

EDIT: Never mind, I found a 2020 paper by Google on “Large-Scale Discrete Fourier Transform on TPUs”, so it will be possible.

The X280 is just a regular RISC-V core with a full RVV 1.0 vector support.
It is extendable, and it sounds like Sophogo added custom instructions for matrix multiplications via the SiFives VCIX extension.

Here are some things I found reguarding FFT using the RISC-V Vector extension:

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